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Oishi Sushi

Amazing sushi on Washington Street, the only complaint I have was that the restaurant was extremely small, and I had to sit at the bar which I don’t prefer. Sushi platters were decently priced and they had a sake flight which was a great way to try sake. Website

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Match was expensive, but a luxurious experience. I ordered the tuna tartare with a cocktail. The atmosphere was a bit louder than I’d like, but I think it was a Friday night. If you’re looking to splurge, this will be a great place. Not many vegetarian options but seafood options were good. Full menu

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Village Bagels

Bagel and coffee shop. Perfect for a lox bagel. Get there earlier before they run out of the better bagel flavors! Website

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Pub fare with a family friendly bar. Seafood and vegetarian options available. Website

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Fairfield was a fantastic spot to try. A variety of taco fillings, including vegetarian and seafood options.

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